Southern Utah Fun

Where: Zion NP & Hurricane, Utah
When: January 2010
Who: DB

Aaah, Zion in winter!

Some folks know that I've enjoyed the backcountry of Zion National Park immensely. Although access is severely limited in winter, I've made considerable effort to visit the park at its loneliest -- when it's snow-covered and empty. Dig.
Into the backcountry we go

This peak can't be seen from any road. I first climbed it about 5 years ago.

A new peak for us. We dubbed it 'Lost Teton'.

A bit of orange slickrock...and my next objective of the day

Views into Dennett Canyon from the summit

Recognize this view?

That little peak there gives up some of the most interesting and obscure views I've yet come across in Zion

Scenery on the way out


And then it was time for some fun in the sun around Hurricane...

On the summit of Mollies Nipple

Finishing up a killer 2-peak loop at Red Cliffs