Sloan Canyon!

Where: Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area, Nevada
When: January 2010
Who: DB & HW Stockman

DB scrambling a dryfall in Sloan Canyon

I hadn't been to Sloan Canyon in several years; DB had never been; this was Harlan's second visit in a week. It was time to bag the aesthetic crags back by Sutor Benchmark. The road in hasn't improved any.
Belaying DB up the west ridge of Canine Crag

On the summit of Canine Crag

I found this on the side of a mountain a few miles away earlier that morning

Canine Crag, on the way to Feline Fang

Atop Feline Fang with Ecru Peak behind it

DB and I on Feline Fang

Descending Feline Fang on loose terrain

Crossing a quasi-knife-edge ridge on the way to Ecru Peak

Downclimbing a short band on the way to Ecru Peak

On the summit of Ecru Peak

On the way down from Ecru Peak, we spotted several fantastically aesthetic towers. I scrambled over to get a closer look. After surmounting a class 4 wall, I was able to stand at the base of the most awesome one. It was overhung on all sides, terribly loose, and absolutely impossible to climb. The next tower, which was right next door, was loose and tilted at a horrifying angle. There was a neat arch in the base of it. The backside, I learned as I scrambled away, was at a lesser angle (and therefore climbable) but still very loose and sketchy. I'll give these two a pass.
CP standing next to the inclimbable (for the sane) Ecru Towers

We looped back through Sloan Canyon on the way out, taking three seconds to enjoy some of the rock art there.
Rock art in Sloan Canyon

All photos courtesy of HW Stockman