Mount Temple, My First Canadian Rockies 11,000er

Mount Temple from the highway

Back in 2001, I made my first trip to the Canadian Rockies. My friends and I spent a few days goofing off around Banff National Park, Canmore and elsewhere, finding time to hike up Johnston Canyon, do the fabulous Plain of Six Glaciers hike and even explore a bit of the Athabasca Glacier up on the Icefields Parkway by Jasper National Park. Also enjoying Moraine Lake and Lake Louise, I never did find the time to hike up the enormous Mount Temple, the 11,000-ft peak towering over Moraine Lake.
Mount Fay

In summer of 2007, DB and I returned to the Canadian Rockies to spend a couple weeks climbing around Banff and Jasper National Parks. Our friend Dow Williams, who owned a second home in Canmore, was nice enough to let us stay with him. Dow, a full-time climber, was spending the summer in Canmore and was happy to have us join him for some of it.

With superb weather in the forecast, Dow and Peter Valchev, who was living in Calgary at the time, made plans to climb one of the classic technical routes on Mount Temple. The route, a grade V, was beyond my skill level, particularly because of the fact that they intended to solo most of a dayhike. Instead, I made plans to hike up the standard southeast face route and time the ascent to meet them on the summit as they arrived.
Hikers descending the Sentinel Pass Trail

DB and I headed to Moraine Lake after breakfast one morning so that I could begin my hike. DB was still on crutches, nursing a knee injury she'd sustained on a descent of the classic San Gabriel adventure, Eaton Canyon, and would sit this one out and play tourist around the lakes instead.

Bidding DB farewell and starting up the trail, a hundred feet later I came across a sign that said groups of 4 or more were required because of grizzly bear activity in the area. I returned to DB with the news.
Above Sentinel Pass, Mount Deltaform (another 11,000er) hovers at center

Fortunately, a group of four were starting up the trail a few minutes later. I asked to join them. They welcomed me warmly. Eventually leaving the merry group near treeline, I picked up the pace and headed solo up the mountain as it began to steepen significantly.
View south from the summit

As I neared the summit, my cell phone rang. I didn't answer it. Cresting the apex ten seconds later - what do I find? - Dow and Peter on the summit trying to call me!
CP, with Mount Hugabee (an 11,000er) at right

Taking a few pictures, amazed at our perfect timing, and having a bite to eat, the three of us heading down together, following my ascent route back toward the car. Stopping for a break along a lake at treeline, we embraced the warmth of the day and the stunning alpine views...and then returned to civilization.