Boundary Canyon

Where: Zion National Park, Utah
When: October 2008
Partners: DB, Andy Archibald, Jason Pease & Sonja from Vegas

With fall in full effect and the yellows and reds of Kolob Terrace in shimmering display, DB and I joined up with some friends for a descent of Boundary Canyon, a technical canyon just outside the Zion National Park boundary. A tributary of Kolob Creek, the outing promised to be special.

Making the short approach to the canyon, we found the sequence of rappels into the flat bottom of the canyon to be stunning, mesmerizing and absolutely wonderful. A fine canyon! We all proclaimed it to be "awesome".

With the technical portion of the canyon over too quickly, we meandered down to the confluence of Kolob Creek and then headed down-stream toward the MIA Trail. Gaining the trail, it was easy going (much easier than any of us had expected) until we hit the maze of dirt roads above the steep sand. With a little trial and error, we found the "correct" road that led us back to our cars waiting at the West Rim Trailhead. A fine day out.

*As if the canyon wasn't good enough, we had the fortune of finding an obsidian arrowhead and a mountain lion skull along the way!

**The big bummer of the day, however, was seeing a man die on the side of Kolob Terrace Road as we were leaving. A motorcycle accident. Very sad.